A gold, copper, nickel and cobalt focussed exploration company dedicated to enhancing shareholder wealth by acquiring, exploring and developing mineral resource projects in Australia.

Nyngan/Cobar Copper & Gold
projects, NSW, Australia

The Company owns tenure in NSW across four projects: the Lunns Dam, Redlands-Whitbarrow and Recovery Projects in the Tottenham-Girilambone district of central-west NSW which comprises four granted exploration licences covering approximately 690km²; and the Obley Project in the Yeoval district of central NSW which comprises one granted exploration licence covering approximately 180km².

Navigating the Path to Sustainable Resource Exploration

As a gold, copper, nickel and cobalt-focused mineral exploration company in Australia, our mission is to unearth the vast potential of the country’s rich and diverse geological landscape. With a strategic focus on these valuable metals, we aim to contribute to the global supply chain of essential resources, meeting the growing demands of various industries. Australia’s geological endowment provides us with a unique advantage, as we navigate through the exploration process, employing cutting-edge technologies and scientific expertise.