Environmental, Social & Governance

Parabellum’s ESG strategy is to be a responsible and accountable company that creates value for our shareholders, stakeholders and our community, by sustainably producing strategic raw materials that are required for the global transition to a Renewable Economy, whilst minimising our impact on our environment.

We are aware that we operate in a sector that has the potential to impact environmental and social infrastructure in the areas that we work, whilst being able to benefit local community and stakeholders. By embracing Best Practice Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, we have the opportunity for our business to support the transition to a sustainable low carbon future. Read our ESG Policy Here

August 2022 ESG Disclosure Report – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Compliance with local and international standards

Life of Mine rehabilitation strategy being developed

Project design based on a zero discharge site


Workforce will comprise >95% Mongolia local personnel

Support of local communities by creating local jobs and support functions

Long established relationship with local communities


ESG policy approved by Board

Senior and operations management committed to ESG philosophy

Strong independent director representation on the Board

Health & Safety

International health and safety practices recognised throughout operation

Health and safety statistics report each month to board

HSEQ Manager reporting directly to site GM